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The advent of a digital transformation era has encouraged many companies to move to a work-from-home model for its employees. And while this may initially seem like bliss (you get to avoid your daily commute or snooze your alarm for an extra hour), remote work can also come with its drawbacks. To help you make the most out of your new setup, we’ll talk you through the 10 best tips to ensure you’re getting the best results while working from home. 1. Do Something for Yourself before You Start Work It’s easy to roll out of bed and over to your laptop without even changing out of your PJs, but to help yourself stay motivated, it’s best to wake up and do something for yourself in the morning. You could do a workout, for example, or catch up on the news or read a chapter of your favourite book before you get stuck into your work for the day. 2. Have a Designated Workspace Having a set working area can help you stay focused and more productive.

If you have a home office or desk, you’re already good to go. That said, if you don’t, you’re going to need to improvise. You could set up your workstation on the kitchen table or turn your dressing table into your new remote desk. 3. Make a List of Priorities Having a list of priorities will help stay focused and actually get work done. Instead of doing home chores, you will focus on ticking off work tasks from your list and will feel a sense of achievement once you’ve done so. 4. Have an Open Line of Communication with Your Colleagues To ensure an easy workflow, it’s necessary to have an open line of communication with both your manager and your colleagues. By checking in with your manager, you’ll update them on what you’re working on, and they will feel more at ease knowing that the same level of work is being produced as if you were in the office. 5. Don’t Try to Multitask Trying to get several tasks done at the same time is counterproductive – you might think that you’re able to watch your favourite Netflix series while getting through this month’s accounts, but don’t fool yourself! Focus on one task at a time, give yourself a time limit, and complete your task within that timeframe before you move onto the next thing.


6. Avoid Distractions It’s easy to get distracted in an environment that you usually associate with relaxation. To avoid procrastination, get rid of any and all distractions. Put your phone on aeroplane mode and hide your TV remote to eliminate the temptation of turning these devices on. 7. Don’t Snack for the Sake of It With the fridge being within arms reach, it’s easy to grab your favourite snacks throughout the day. However, unnecessary calories can leave you feeling slumped and less energetic. If you are going to snack, opt for healthy choices like carrot sticks or fruit. 8. Take a Lunch Break Whether you’re in the office or at home, it’s easy to skip your lunch break and power through the day.

However, it’s even more important when you’re confined to the house that you actually do take this break. Thirty minutes away from your laptop will help you relax and refocus. 9. Offer Support to Others If you’ve mastered remote working, why not help your colleagues out? Check in with them daily and see if they need any assistance with tasks – just as you would do from the office. In addition, make sure you’re available via chat, phone or any other communication methods during work hours. 10. Get Enough Sleep Since you don’t have to wake up early and get ready for a long commute, you might stay up later to binge-watch a series, but you’re doing yourself no favours! To be productive from home, you’ll still need plenty of shuteye! So, follow your normal bedtime routine and get the recommended amount of sleep. Now that you’re well-equipped with the best ways to be productive from home, you’ll be able to prove that working remotely is actually beneficial for everyone

Greetings everyone today is gonna be all about working it and twerk in it maybe not the last part but definitely working I am someone that has spent years of working from home it’s something that’s really awesome and I know the appeal of working from home is very high it starts off being really great because you’re like working in your pyjamas and in bed and then over time you realize oh wait my life is starting to blur together and I no longer have a personal life and a professional life I can’t stay motivated I don’t feel productive I don’t really have any kind of schedule or routine and then you become frustrated with yourself you get stressed out and really anxious so I want to share with you guys some of my tips for working at home and just you know how you can stay motivated organised and productive and just so you know all of these tips are nugget approved right now the cameras this way not goes oh yeah there we go I think it’s really important to have some kind of routine that you can count on from the minute you wake up in the morning so that means setting an alarm if you don’t get up at exactly the same time every day you want to make sure it’s somewhere around the same time every day that way your body physically is on a schedule for me mornings are like my knee time and that’s where I get to relax and really clear my head for the day and I actually made a whole video on this so if you want to see what I do in the morning I will link that video down below if you’d want to check it out I know it is so tempting to just sit around in your pyjamas all day not get ready because I mean why not doing something as simple as just getting dressed in like a t-shirt and jeans will help you so much because that’s almost like your little work uniform this process makes me feel more put together and I’m able to separate.

I am working and getting stuff done from I’m comfy and cozy and my pajama is watching Netflix something that’s probably just as tempting as wearing your pajamas every day is working from your bed every day I have made my bedroom a completely 100% tech free zone I have found that that kind of disconnection has been so helpful for me because my bedroom is now a calm peaceful place just meant for resting and sleeping it’s all about just finding an area that works for you when you have your designated workspace it almost becomes like your little office within your home so when you walk into that space you subconsciously know I am turning on for work right now this is my work zone and when you step out of that space it’s like okay I’m finished working and now I’m stepping into my life now if you’re feeling really overwhelmed with all this stuff you have to do lists are so so helpful I think it’s great to just start with the basics make one work task list and one personal task list so if I have a lot of things that I need to get done I will designate one hour within the workday for my personal tasks for example if I have like an airplane ticket to buy sometimes I’ll do something like that on my lunch break it’s also good to prioritize too I like to go one by one down my list and if I have a long list I’ll actually cover the rest of the list up with another piece of paper so I’m only focused on that one thing at a time taking a break is something that’s really important to me because I find that even if I step away for five to 15 minutes it refreshes me and I’m able to come back with a clearer head so my first break usually happens somewhere between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m.

And this could be something as simple as me just going to the bathroom and like fixing my hair putting on some lipstick or going to the fridge getting some water maybe a little tiny snack just something to step away from working sometimes it’s great to just totally relax read a book read an article just do something for you snap snap snap snap snap snap this is my favorite part of the day my little short afternoon power nap I have found that taking a short 20 minute nap usually around 3 p.m. helps me so much and it’s almost like a really deep meditation because I don’t fall deeply asleep I’m aware of like what’s going on around me but my mind is relaxed and it’s resting the key with a power nap is to get up at that 20 to 30 minute mark because if you sleep longer than your body is just gonna fall into that oh I just got too much sleep I’m not going to be able to sleep at night type of thing and you just end up being more tired and then when I get up from my nap I usually have a little bit of like green tea and that just kind of invigorates me again for the day it makes me feel energized and I’m ready to keep going until the end of the work day fun fact some of the greatest minds in the history of the worlds were big fans of naps I love snacks so freakin much it’s not even funny I don’t know if I could ever choose between snacks and naps so don’t choose have them both when you’re at home it’s so easy to just start snacking on anything and everything so that’s why I like to make sure that my fridge and pantry is stocked with healthy snacks so if I do decide to grab a snack I basically have no choice but to eat something healthy those are the things that are really going to fuel you and give you more energy finding the time where your workday ends and your personal evening begins can be really tricky I think it’s really important to have some kind of ritual that you do around the same time every day to separate your workday from your personal evening for me this ritual was taking a shower so usually around 7 p.m.

I would get in the shower and that would physically send a sign to my body and my mind that this is the end of the workday and now it’s time for you to eat dinner get in your pajamas watch a show if you want to listen to some music just do anything that’s not work-related give yourself time to separate from work and just enjoy life that’s all for today but I really really hope this was helpful for you guys if you work from home or if you’re thinking about working from home because it truly is a wonderful and fulfilling experience if you find a little system that works for you if you have any tips that I didn’t mention that you find really helpful leave them down below in the comments so we can all help each other out because that’s what this is all about people helping people right right I’ll see you guys later peace out

Hi friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today we are talking about working from home and I’m going to be sharing my best working-from-home tips. I feel like, well obviously a lot of people are now working from home and I personally have been working from home for over seven years so I’ve learned a lot about how to like, stay productive and get stuff done, not get distracted, not get bogged down by housework and everything like that. So I wanted to do a quick video to kind of share some of those tips. I do have other videos that kind of relate to this whole topic of productivity and stuff. So if you’re interested in watching those I’ll link them down below for you. And as always, I also have a blog post that goes along with this video that I’m calling my “Ultimate Working From Home Guide.” And it really details everything that we’re talking about here and more. So we’re kind of talking about why working from home is hard, the areas that you might be distracted, I share my personal schedule.

And then also like how I’m setting up my space. How I recommend setting up office space, everything like that. So make sure to check out that blog post. And without further ado let’s get started with our tips. My first tip is to treat your job and your work-from-home situation like you would if you were going to the office. So getting into that kind of mindset thinking, okay, I’m getting up for the day, I’m going into the office, I’m starting work. That will really help you kind of get in the work mode and it helps you be a lot more productive. So the first step in that is to set your alarm. And I recommend that you get up when you would normally get up and go to work if you were normally working in an office. So for me I get up at 6:30. I do like my mourning routine and then I’m able to kind of like follow my schedule throughout the day.

If I was to not get up at my normal time and just kind of roll out of bed I would A, not feel as productive and B, I just like would always constantly feel like I was behind for the day. And the second step is to get ready for the day. So it’s not gonna help you to sit in your pj’s all day behind your laptop on the sofa. You’re definitely not gonna be as productive, you’re gonna get potentially pulled into watching a TV show. Or you’re just not gonna feel like you’re in work mode and you’re not gonna be able to get as much done.

So I really recommend that when you do finish your morning routine whether it’s like exercise, eating breakfast, etc. Take a shower, get dressed, and get your day going. And it helps you get into the working mindset. So for me, sometimes I do wear leggings all day but usually I do put jeans on, I put a sweater on, whether I’m filming or not. And I’m just like ready to sit down and work and it helps me take my job a little bit more seriously. And it helps me again, stay more productive. The next tip is to create a schedule and this kind of pairs along with basically everything I’ve been talking about already. But creating a schedule for your day. It doesn’t have to be like an hour-by-hour or anything like that. But kind of giving yourself an overall layout of how you want your day to go is gonna help you stay more on track. So for me I kind of structure my day with the morning, I get up, I take Trevy for a walk, I workout, I take a shower, I eat breakfast and then I sit down at my desk.

I then have like a morning chunk of working. I then break that up with an afternoon walk with Trevy, like a midday noon-ish walk with Trevy and lunch. I then have all afternoon to work and then again I have like my evening walk with Trevy and then I do like maybe an hour-ish extra after that walk and then call it quits for the day. So I kind of follow the same schedule even though I’m not doing the same thing every day. I follow a similar schedule every single day.

And it helps me structure my days, it helps me know when work time is, when work time isn’t. And it helps me just kind of like focus on the tasks I need to get done and everything like that. So the next step is, I really recommend if you are working from home, it’s super important that you still fit in exercise. Working out is such a great way to relieve mental stress but also help you get really focused and help you stay energized for the day. And now that gyms are closed everywhere, and even if you’re watching this in the future and gyms are not closed anymore, if you are working from home it can be really easy to not fit exercise into your routine.

Like I said I do recommend doing it in the morning. I personally workout in the morning, I think it is like the best way to start your day. And everything that I basically do is at home. I run outside, I workout in my living room. And it doesn’t take me more than usually 30 to 45 minutes every single day and it makes a huge difference in how of focused I am, how energized I am throughout the day and how much I can get done during my working hours.

I feel like so far we’ve kind of talk about the structure of your day. I wanna give you some more specific, working-from-home productivity tips that hopefully will help you stay a little bit more on task and help you not stay as distracted ’cause it’s really easy to get distracted at home. So the first thing is to consider time-blocking your day. We’ve talked a little bit about this philosophy before. But essentially it is creating chunks of time in your day where you are dedicating it to one thing. So rather than scheduling your day out half an hour by half an hour, or hour by hour, you set aside, for example, a three-hour block. So say it’s nine to 12. And you’re focusing on getting one thing done. And once you’re done that task, you can move onto your next block. It really helps you structure your day, it helps you stay a lot more focused. It helps you prioritize and what I really like about it is it that it also helps me pair similar tasks together so that I can kind of like, combine the same mental energy, if that makes sense.

Another tip is to plug in. And what I mean by that is like plug into work. If you can be in a distraction-free area in your house, that is ideal. If you can’t then I would recommend getting noise-canceling headphones. If you are somebody that tends to get distracted with whatever’s happening around you in your house, whether you have kids home, you have a dog, whatever it is. Having noise-canceling headphones can really help you just kind of zone in on work. So I’ll link the ones that I recommend down below if you don’t already have a pair of noise-canceling headphones because they can be a game changer. I only have two more tips left. The next one is that the housework can wait. Because I personally find that that is one of the hardest things to stop doing.


I feel like when I’m home I need to be doing the things that the house needs. So laundry, emptying the dishwasher, taking the dog out, all that stuff. And I tend to get distracted with doing chores. So if that is you and you are personally struggling with like getting mixed with work and housework, I recommend that you set time aside during your day to do the housework. So that could be in the morning, it could be midday, it could be the evening, but don’t kind of do these tasks throughout the day, that will really obviously distract you and pull you away from you having to get stuff done.

And then my last time is not necessarily productivity focused, it’s more of just like a general, working from home tip. And it has to do with eating and snacking. So I think that a lot of people struggle with the idea of being home and being super close to the kitchen. So it can be easy to be at your kitchen all the time and snack all the time or eat more than you might normally. So if you are in that scenario then I recommend you give yourself a little bit of A, leeway, ’cause it can take a little bit of time to like, learn. But also try to think about having snacks that are super-nutritious and will fill you up. So instead of having things on hand that are like, chips and pretzels and crackers and things that are just kind like, mindless munchies. Have something that’s a little bit more substantial for your snack.

Make sure that it has protein. Make sure that it has healthy fats. And make sure that it actually like, fills you up and it actually satisfies you. Because that will mean that you aren’t gonna be reaching for another snack because you’re already full. So things that I recommend are having protein bars around. Maybe it’s having like fruit and almond butter. Maybe it’s having chopped-up veggies and humus. It could also be having like a mini meal if that’s gonna be more filling to you, roasted vegetables, with tahini something like that. Something that’s gonna be a little bit more substantial. If that method doesn’t work for you and you are somebody that just like, loves to have like little snackies on hand, I would recommend that you pre-portion your snacks out.

So whether it’s putting them in individual bags or portion containers. Or if you can just like put them in a bowl, take them over to your desk, and that is all that you snack on. So you don’t bring the whole bag of chips over, you don’t bring the whole box of crackers over. That can lead to just like, mindless snacking. So that’s pretty much it in terms of my working-from-home tips that I wanted to cover today. As I said, I do have a blog post that goes along with this video that details everything else that we talked about and so much more. It’s like 2,000 words, it’s basically a novel but I tried to pour everything that I have learned about working from home into the post so that you can hopefully get some good little nuggets of knowledge and tips for you.

If you have any questions as you’re going through this new work-from-home process or if there are any tips that you personally use that have really worked for you, I would love for you to share that in the comments so that we can all kind of learn from each other. And I hope you guys found this video helpful. If you want to see more working from home or anything like that type of content, let me know as well in the comments. And like I said in the beginning, everything that you need is linked down in the description box so you can check that out as well.

Thank you guys so much for watching. Stay healthy, stay happy, stay safe out there. Don’t forget to subscribe before you go by clicking the red button right below this video. And I’ll see you guys in the next video, bye..

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